Level 1 Coaching Award

Course Information:

This course offers an insight into Dodgeball for aspiring coaches in the sport, developing their knowledge and understanding of how to coach Dodgeball to a variety of ages, whether it is a local community group, or to a school team.

Minimum Age: 14
Course Duration: 6 hours
Course Prerequisites: None

Qualification aims & objectives :

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

1. Establish a safe working environment

2. Develop positive relationships with participants

3. Understand rules and principles of Dodgeball

4. Prepare players for coaching activities

5. Deliver prepared activities

6. Understand basic techniques of core skills

7. Conclude and review prepared activities

8. Adapt prepared activities

9. Support participant’s needs and behaviour

The UKDBA Level 1 consists of 4 parts, 3 modules and an assessment. Candidates are assessed throughout and all areas must be passed in order to successfully complete the qualification.
Part 1: Introduction to safety, rules and the principles of Dodgeball

Part 2: Introduction to basic techniques, tactics and the basic delivery of skills

Part 3: Delivery of activities, adapting to meet the needs of the participant

Assessment: Delivery of pre-prepared plan