Dive into Dodgeball

Dive into Dodgeball is an opportunity for you and your school to get involved in the sport. Dive into Dodgeball links together everything that is available from the UKDBA for school dodgeball with 3 key strands: Playing, Learning & Competition. Each of the 3 strands supports the others to encourage the development of children within your school, in your community and beyond. Within all 3 strands your school children are provided with the opportunity to engage in a team game that builds character, improves health and fitness, and helps them to develop both physically and mentally whilst having fun.


To find out about the rules of dodgeball, court dimensions and the variations for different age groups visit The Sport page.

When playing dodgeball it is very important to use the correct equipment, visit our online shop to discover the only dodgeballs that we recommend.

When you become a member of the UKDBA you will have access to poster templates, valuable resources and our new Get Dodging session card. You can sign up for free as an individual or school here.

To further the dodgeball delivered in your school the following resources are available in our online shop:

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    Dive into Dodgeball Resources – Key Stage 2

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  • KS3 Cover_Page_1

    Dive into Dodgeball Resources – Key Stage 3

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  • KS4 Cover_Page_1

    Dive into Dodgeball Resources – Key Stage 4

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    Dive into Dodgeball Resources – EdExcel GCSE

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We have a number of qualifications available that benefit the learning and development of children at school.

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    Junior Leaders Award

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  • dball-leadership-award

    Dodgeball Leadership Award

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  • junior-ref-award

    Junior Referee Award

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  • teaching-award

    Teaching Dodgeball Award

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  • level-1

    UKDBA Level 1 Award

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  • level-2

    Level 2 Coaching Award

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In December 2009 the UKDBA hosted the first ever primary school dodgeball competition in Chester – it was clear to see then that with something new and inclusive the sport had captured the imagination of the children, teachers and parents involved. Today the number of school dodgeball competitions are rising each year with this year alone seeing well over 500 events taking place in the UK.

Our full approach to junior competitions can be found at the Youth Competitions page.