Mad Entritanment DS DV Casinos 

Mad Entritanment DS DV has been an adequate provider of iGaming products and innovations. It operates 17 active UK casino gambling platforms – each of which we will briefly discuss in this review. 

Our advice for UK Punters 

Players in the UK should always endeavor to play on platforms with licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The casinos under the arms of Mad Entritanment DS DV do not possess this license. 

Some of the casinos we will discuss in this review article claim to have owners, some with Curaçao licenses and others with none. This ownership and licensing status is a red flag if you seek one to discern you from playing on these platforms. 

Written by Jennifer Brown ✔️ Fact Checked by: Christopher Taylor 📅 Last Updated: June 2024
Mad Entritanment DS DV Casinos
Mad Entritanment DS DV Casinos

Parent Casinos with Affiliations to Mad Entritanment DS DV 

We would like to sound a note of warning to all players in the UK – desist from playing on gambling casinos without a trustworthy license. For full-time protection of your gambling information and transactions, play only on UKGC sites.

ocean dba

Ocean Breeze Casino

This casino tells its players that it operates under a Master License. The fact remains that this casino and its other sister sites have no reliable or trustworthy license for operations in the UK. 

A glance at Ocean Breeze’s homepage shows that the site mainly provides slot games. The top varieties include Starburst, Wolf Gold, Buffalo King, Gates of Olympus, and Big Bass Bonanza. The Ocean Breeze Casino allows the deposit and withdrawal of crypto and fiat currencies. The gambling operator promises safety and security on your transactions, but there is no guarantee. 

Only the UKGC casinos with strict KYC and AML policies can give you suck guarantee. If you are brave enough to register on Ocean Breeze, you will be eligible for a €6000 welcome bonus plus 150 free spins. 

If you wish to know more about the Ocean Breeze gambling platform, contact them through live chat or email at [email protected]

spicy jackpots dba

Spicy Jackpots

It has the term ‘Spicy’ in its name, but the casino has a sour taste regarding the User Interface display on its site. Despite its failure to disclose its owner, it seemed convenient for Spicy Jackpots to declare itself available in the UK. 

Spicy Jackpots gives its owner’s identity as Spicy Jackpots Ltd. How convenient can that be? 

There is no disclosure of its licensing status or ownership base. But we can tell you one thing for sure: Spicy Jackpots does not have a UKGC license. Hence, asking UK players to play on Spicy Jackpots is a classic case of extreme sport. 

The gambling platform displays a few mid-tier casino games, including slots and live titles. By attempting to find the Spicy Jackpots games, the operator will lead you to another random casino website entirely. If you care for your safety, look into the UKGC casinos instead. 

winner dba

Winner Casino

Winner Casino non GamStop gambling site claims to operate under the guidance of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Without a UKGC license, no robust verification or anti-money laundering policy exists. If you try accessing any section of this casino, you will open another gambling site entirely. 

Once again, if you wish to win anything, stay clear of this gambling site. Do not be deceived by its welcome bonuses, which include a 400% bonus with 100 free spins. Despite claiming a valid licence, many players claim this is false. 

Mentioning the likes of MGA and UKGC is a trap to lure players in. A lot of its Trustpilot 1-star reviews revolved around uncompleted withdrawals. The casino receives your money and then decides not to repay your winnings. Stay away from this website and use UKGC gambling casinos instead. 

superb dba

Superb Bet

This casino is another prime case of operating under a Master Licence. The site serves a nicely done illusion by providing the name of its owner, WinBet N.V. The fact remains that Superb Bet is still out of the UKGC league.

If you are willing to take the risk and proceed to register on this site, you can make fiat and crypto payments. Unfortunately, it is as though the Superb Bet Casino has no bonuses of its own. 

You will see more legitimate gaming options at UKGC casinos. No one can attest to the fairness of these Superb Bet games. 

Going through the customer reviews for the Superb Bet; we could not help but notice the recurring complaints about failed withdrawals. You are on your own if you proceed to play on this site. Depositing is risky enough. But getting your funds back is more unlikely than risky. 

cherry fiesta

Cherry Fiesta

Cherry and Fiesta – anyone would assume players on this site will be as happy as the next. You would imagine the website channeling this cheerfulness through its UI display, but you could not be more wrong. Cherry Fiesta could have done better at their weak attempt at keeping things simple. 

At least, when you click to view the promotions page on Cherry Fiesta Casino, you will find a 5-tier welcome package. But to what end? Players can not withdraw their winnings, but the Casino is readily available to welcome deposits. 

The casino claims to be a product of Lava Entertainment and has an unverifiable permit number. How about an actual license?

Thanks to Cherry Fiesta’s email, phone call, message board, and live chat support options, you can ask the operator directly. 

big wins dba

Big Wins

If you are serious about depositing and aiming for big wins, you should go for UKGC casinos. Stay clear of Mad Entritanment DS DV platforms like Big Wins. You would imagine a casino with Big Wins in large prints will allow players to collect them. 

If you are still adamant about playing on this casino, you must know that it only accepts cryptocurrency payments. Blockchain makes your transactions untraceable, giving the site leeway to rip players off their money. 

At least Big Wins Casino has the decency to offer other promos outside of the welcome bonuses. In other news, Big Win used unnatural grammar to hide that it has no presentable license for its operation. At least, Big Wins needs to be online-shy enough to hide EastPoint Operations B.V., their supposed owner. 

golden lion dba

Golden Lion 

The Golden Lion Casino is way off from the pride of the Mad Entritanment DS DV casino pack. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, or so we thought. The Golden Lion online casino is very light in almost all departments. In addition, the Golden Lion website can be so unresponsive sometimes. 

This gambling site presents mixed choices for fiat and crypto payments. One can only hope that these transactions go through. Since this casino is not under the UKGC, they can do as they please regarding transactions. Without the backing of an encryption tech, you will be prone to info loss. 

Goldengenie LTD, according to Golden Lion, is its owner. The casino tips itself to operate under the umbrella of a Master Licence. It does not get more detailed than that. Golden Lion is another Mad Entritanment DS DV casino that collects players’ money and refuses to pay out.

Gorilla Wins

The most significant initiative that Gorilla Wins took was to add pictures of a miniature Planet of Apes. This site is a redundant copy of the Mad Entritanment DS DV sister sites, with no additions or improvements. Do not inflict unnecessary inconvenience upon yourself by playing on Gorilla Wins

Gorilla Wins says its transactions have the backing of high-level encryption technology. We can tell you now that the declaration is merely words of the mouth. You may never be able to recover a dime. 

Here we go again—another platform with names similar to those of its owners. Gorilla Win’s supposed creator is Gorilla Wins Ltd. How convenient is that? The site also operates using a Master Licence. 

How about getting a UKGC license to cater more effectively to UK players? Almost impossible to achieve – because the casino wants its players to be at its mercy.

galaxyspins dba

Galaxy Spins

The casino is just what we expected it to be. It has the same design as its sister website but with images of bespangled space occupants. Like the others, you can’t even use the menu button on the mobile website. 

Galaxy Spins has the same games, bonuses, payment methods, and contact options as Gorilla Wins, which could be better. Unlike most others, Galaxy Spins did not go with a replica name for its owner but instead stuck with Win Bet’s – WinBet Ltd. 

There is a Master Licence in the mix. Still, we need to find out if the license belongs to Galaxy Spins or WinBet Ltd. Regardless of which, it remains the blunt truth that Galaxy Spins has no affiliation with the UKGC, thus a platform that UK players ought to desist from. 

If you had registered before reading our expose, you could apply for an account deletion by contacting support via live chat and website message board. 

ares dba

Ares Casino

So, what has changed? Its sister sites have a dark background, but now, it has black and white lettering on a white background. Ares Casino not only looks like Galaxy Spins in website design but also contains duplicate content, bar for bar. 

With Ares Casino, we are back to naming the owners after the casino, and in this case – Arescasino Ltd. From our experiences, we can declare this Mad Entritanment DS DV  casino a redundant site with nothing new to offer. You will be better off playing on a UKGC Casino. 

The Trustpilot reviews of this site are the opposite of outstanding. We can not help but notice the many complaints about how this site didn’t come through with withdrawals. Is this not stealing? Well, perhaps you will have more information to give if you decide to join this platform over the UKGC safe platforms. 

love casino dba

Love Casino

This casino falls into the second category of sites under Mad Entritanment DS DV. This one right here looks a tad different from the usual. Compared to its peers, who possess some information related to their ownership, Love Casino has none. 

Also, apart from the website’s message board, there is no channel for reporting incidents or making inquiries. It says something, yet does the other – by clicking the promo or games, the Love Casino website takes you to another gambling site. 

How bad can this adversely intrepid pink website be? The casino says in its intro that it offers a bonus of up to $10,000, but somehow, the offer amounts to €250. With no clear indication, ownership, or licensing, sticking with UKGC gambling sites is only fitting. 

magic win dba

Magic Win Casino

Instead of pink buttons, we have purple here. The Magic Win Casino shares the same properties as Love Casino. Like the latter, you get transferred to new gambling sites instead of opening up items like games and bonuses. 

A glance at the customer review page for this site felt like looking through a criminal rap sheet. Lots of complaints about withheld withdrawal of winnings over months filled the page. Are you convinced enough to play only on UKGC casinos in the UK? 

But if you are knuckleheaded and hardhearted enough, you will look at claiming a 400% bonus with 100 spins upon registering on Magic Win. 

Do you need more evidence of fishy business? This casino suddenly has a Belgian regulator, which is to remain nameless, while its peer is lowballing without a license.  

golden genie dba

Golden Genie

It is a mystery how one can access the side panel on the Golden Genie website. We can see several downsides of playing on this site from how this casino dealt with us. For one, it offers nothing more than its sister sites. It is like a carbon copy. 

Golden Genie does not precisely portray confidence in the gaming section, with only slot games on display. Golden Genie insists that its games are from reputable software providers, whereas they are just mere copies of the originals. Are you still impressed, or should we continue? 

Should it be a surprise that a Mad Entritanment DS DV casino is calling itself a product of Golden Genie Ltd? This lack of honest transparency transfers to the site’s licensing information. Use the casino’s live chat or message board to learn more facts that can put you off playing on Golden Genie. 

four crowns dba

4Crowns Casino

This casino sure sounds unfamiliar, like a 5-star hotel. To the bare eye, 4Crowns Casino looks appealing, its best attribute. Unfortunately, its composition is no different from that of the other platforms in this review.

4Crowns Casino has an abundance of 1-star ratings to its name, all thanks to its nature of withholding players’ money. So, the casino loves to take people’s money but refuses to give back what they deserve. There is no other definition for high-tech thievery like this one. 

These kinds of situations are rampant with casino platforms without UKGC registration. This reputable association ensures everything is right as rain with their platforms and fixes all player complaints quickly. 

Since 4Crowns Casino has no obligation under the guidance of a reputable association, it can just say it operates under a Master Licence. 4Crowns Casino’s owner is 4CrownsCasino Lyd. How convenient! 

Doctor Spins Casino

You can see this site’s bad qualities in its past players’ reviews on Trustpilot. Many complaints center on the Doctor Spins games, with people complaining about them not functioning properly. This resolution could have only been if the casino had copies instead of original games. 

Since there is no exemplary authority to keep it focused, Doctor Spins can scam people of their worthy wins by not enabling withdrawals. Transacting on this site is unsafe, and the risk is not worth anything if the games on Doctor Spins are not working. 

Doctor Spins says it has a license from the jurisdiction of Curaçao, but we can tell that it is nothing short of fake. The lies keep piling up, with the site declaring Doctor Spins Ltd as their owner. There is no way to prove this gambling site’s ownership and licensing status. Play on UKGC casinos only in the UK. 

Spinland Bet

It is one thing not to complete withdrawals; it is another to have rigged games on display. UKGC typically mandates that its casino run its games through fairness tests occasionally. On Spinland Bet, winning a dime with the rigging on top of the existing house edge is tough. 

You will catch a liar in his lies if you listen well enough. Spinland erroneously stated that its master license is from ‘Curaco’ instead of ‘Curaçao.’ Being owned by Spinland Ltd should not surprise you. 

Spinland’s customer rating and comment page is a total eye-sore on top of its Trustpilot 1-star ratings. It gets worse as most complaints center on the same point: rigged games. For one, rigging is a clear violation of players’ gambling rights and is deserving of a slap on the wrist. But who can hold Spinland accountable? 

lucky charms dba

Lucky Charms

The third time, in this case – the last Mad Entritanment DS DV casino, is the charm, right? You might think this site is different or wish it was, but it is a direct replica of Love and Magic Win casinos. The only differing quality is its shade of green.

Considering the poor state of the Lucky Charm’s peers, imagining this one to be different is a waste of time. Since these three possess the same characteristics, we will just point out that LUCKY Charms claims to have a Curaçao license.

It says it complies with recommendations from a particular European regulator. It does not get any more shady than it is right now, especially when we all know about its tainted relationship with players. Many individuals claim they have been unable to receive their withdrawals up until now.

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