The non-league tournaments from 2015-16 have been replaced by UKDBA
Tournaments that are open to teams from non-league, national league 2,
university and women’s leagues 1 north and south. The non-league table will
be used for teams competing in these new tournaments who are not part of the
leagues. Points will be allocated based on final ranking positions at each
individual tournament, with the sum of the best 3 tournaments scores used to
produce the overall non-league ranking for 2016-17. For full details on the
points system please see the UKDBA rules and regulations.

And here is a list of the events:

08/10/2016 – Men’s East Midlands Tournament – Leicester
22/10/2016 – Women’s East Midlands Tournament – Leicester
30/10/2016 – West Midlands Tournament – Cannock
26/11/2016 – North West Tournament – Manchester
10/12/2016 – London Tournament – Enfield
29/01/2016 – South West Tournament – Bristol
18/02/2016 – Yorkshire Tournament – Sheffield
26/02/2016 – West Midlands Tournament – Cannock
01/04/2016 – North West Tournament – Manchester
29/04/2016 – Essex Tournament – Colchester

Ultimate Dodge25202570
MK Cyclones25202065
Hertfordshire Stags 116251657
Leicester Minotaurs 3rd's20201656
Falmouth Falcons302555
Sheffield Silver Arrows20181654
Sheffield Bronze Arrows20161248
MDL All Stars2016844
Hertfordshire Stags 21612634
Manchester Soldier Bees161228
Lincoln Royals 1st's161228
Lincoln Royals 2nd's20828
DMU Lions72027
MMU Ballstars 1016824
Sheffield Steel Arrows12820
Colchester Eagles441220
Cardiff Dragons 21616
MUDS 21616
Delicious Express1616
Spartans 11414
Croydon Crooks1212
Coventry University1212
Carmarthen Wizards1212
Spartans 21212
Bedford Rangers II 448
MMU Ballstars 288
Uni of Leicester B88
Virtue Empire66
Bedford Rangers III44
Sheffield Diamond Arrows143044
Nottingham Sheriffs 22525
Lincoln Royals2020
Wilmslow Wasps1818
Hinckley Ladies 21818
Wilmslow Wasps 21616