Player Registration 2017/18

All players competing in UKDBA events need to be registered.

Your registration is helping to support the growth of the sport of dodgeball nationwide. Ensuring that the grass roots game continues to grow at an impressive rate. The increase in participation of dodgeball in schools has not only overtaken more traditional sports such as hockey, tennis, rugby and netball but it also enhances the longevity of the sport in the junior and adult game for years to come.

All players must be registered and have paid the appropriate fee prior to the date of competition

League players

All league players who have paid £6 rather than the full £18 can make a top up payment of £12 before the 14th January 2018 league registration deadline.

Junior players pay half rates. £9 for league and £3 for non-league (Junior players are 16 and 17 year olds on date of registration)

Junior players

Junior players are not required to pay a registration fee to compete in under 16 and under 13 tournaments and championships.

  • non-league-player-01

    Non-League Player Member

    £6.00 / year
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  • league-player-01

    League Player Member

    £18.00 / year
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  • non-league-player-01-junior

    Junior Non-League Player Member

    £3.00 / year
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  • league-player-01-junior

    Junior League Player Member

    £9.00 / year
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