Our goal is to increase the number of opportunities for young people of all abilities to play, compete, coach and lead Dodgeball within the United Kingdom.

Dodgeball is a great game to get involved in at school. Whether playing, leading or coaching, Dodgeball has something to offer. Dodgeball can support excellent physical education in schools by its very inclusive nature.
Dodgeball can be taught to children from 4 years of age to develop the fundamentals of Agility, Balance & Coordination.

Dodgeball is also a great team sport and teaches children the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. Through the transferable core skills of throwing, catching, running, jumping, dodging and blocking children can soon excel at a sport that is totally inclusive.

For under 7’s Dodgeball can be used to master basic movement skills and become physically confident. This can be delivered through skill challenges, small sided games and modified games.

For children aged 7-11 Dodgeball can develop further the core skills and ABCs and can also enhance the development of tactics and strategies. At this stage Dodgeball can also help introduce the skills of leading and officiating.

For children aged 12+ using Dodgeball can have an impact across all other sports due to its nature (high intensity, physically demanding and extremely tactical). The sport also allows children to analyse both themselves and their peers due to it being short and intense.

Children can play competitive Dodgeball from the age of 4 and can therefore develop real knowledge of sport and its benefits from an early age.