How to setup your club and enter a league

How to setup your club and enter a league

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Hello and welcome to our handy little guide about setting up your dodgeball club and teams in our new online system.

Firstly, you’ll need to go to your Dashboard where you can Manage Your Clubs

To get here you can click here or in the top navigation of the site click on Leagues – League Entry or Clubs – My Clubs.

All will take you here


Once in “My Clubs” you will be able to see the clubs you can manage. If this section is empty you can add clubs by clicking the Create Club button


(If you think you’ve already setup a club affiliation or you’re having trouble setting up your club please email [email protected])

Next, simply click “Manage Club” under the club you wish to enter/edit.

Here you will be shown the Club/Team Management screen.


On the left hand side you will see your list of players (Player Roster). If this is the first time using this tool then this area will likely be blank.

Below this you can “Add New Players” to your club’s Player Roster.


If your New Player is already a member with us, our system will match their email address with their current account and pull them into your Player Roster. If they are NOT a member with us our system will set them up a New Account and add them to your Player Roster.


It is important to enter the correct information as existing members may have existing UKDBA League Memberships which allow them to enter the competitions. You see tell this in your Player Roster:

Players highlighted in Green: Player has active UKDBA League Membership
Players highlighted in Red: Player has NO active UKDBA League Membership

(If you think a player in your roster has an active League Membership but are showing that they don’t, then please contact [email protected])

Once you’ve added all your players to your club’s Player Roster it’s time to add some Teams.

Below the “Add New Player” box is a, “Add Team” section where you can add Teams to your Club. Simply enter the Team Name and click Add New Team. This will add the Team to your Club.


Now you’re ready to add your players to your team. To do this, simply drag and drop Players from your Player Roster to the desired Team. Changes you make will be saved automatically.


Once all your Teams have been filled with the desired Players you need to “Select” the Teams you would like to enter. To do this you need to click the Grey “Select” button underneath each team you would like to enter and the selection button will turn Green.

Once you have Selected all of the Teams you would like to enter, select the Yellow “Enter Selected Teams” button at the bottom of the page to continue.


Please note a team must have AT LEAST 6 players and NO MORE than 10 when entering a league.


The next page will summarise your entry and finalise the amount you need to pay.

Note: An £18 League Membership Fee will be added to your Entry Total for each Player who does not currently hold have an Active League Membership subscription. If you wish the Player to pay this amount themselves, the Player simply needs to log into their UKDBA account and purchase a League Membership via the UKDBA Shop. Once they purchase their League Membership their name will turn from Red to Green in your Club/Team Management area and their £18 League Membership fee will no longer be added to your Entry Total in your Entry Summary.


Once you are happy with your entry select the Yellow “Proceed to Checkout” button and finalise your order.

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