We need your opinion

We need your opinion

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Many thanks to everyone for completing the survey on the 5 ball rules earlier this year.

61% of respondents expressed that they would like to see the 5 Ball game introduced in the UK next season.

With such a split decision and such a variation of responses we would now like to gather some further information from you so that the decision on next season's dodgeball is the correct one.

The UK is the leading nation for dodgeball in the World. With the number of players in our leagues, tournaments and grass roots program larger than any other country worldwide. With this in mind we have the opportunity to consider all levels and abilities in the game when deciding on the rules for next season.

The WDA has provided a rule set for their international event and we support the WDA. We are at no obligation to follow those rules throughout our entire game, but to determine a set of rules that are correct for all players in our nation(s).

We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the following survey that will assist us with this decision.
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