What We Do

UK Dodgeball Association is the leading organisation for dodgeball in the UK and undertakes a number of roles.

Strategic Direction and Leadership

UKDBA sets the strategic direction for the sport using input from many areas including it’s own staff, the Board and through interaction with the volunteers who work for dodgeball.

Playing of the Sport

UKDBA ensures that an appropriate disciplinary code is in place and ensures that there is a development pathway for players.

Best Practice Knowledge Transfer

The Development Team co-ordinates the transfer of knowledge of best practice throughout the sport. The sharing of ideas with other organisation also takes place.

Interface with External Bodies

UKDBA acts as the interface for the sport with national bodies such as Youth Sports Trust, Sport Recreation & Alliance, County Sports Partnerships and Local Authorities. Funding streams from such bodies are used by the UKDBA to develop the sport throughout the country (if available and successful with the application process).

Marketing and Sponsorship

UKDBA undertakes a lead role in developing the image of the sport, of marketing it and of securing sponsorship packages.