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AresCasino Review 

You deserve a safe space to express your gambling intentions, and AresCasino is not one. Refrain from getting stuck in the site’s web of lies by registering or making deposits. This insipid UK casino and its peers’ standard protocol is to nag you to register by sending several spam emails. 

Beware of those random clicks online because you are giving sites like AresCasino a chance to reach you. 

If you are willing to be serious with your gambling ambitions, look for a casino with a United Kingdom Gambling Commission licence. 

Making the mistake of falling for Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos will eventually tell your funds and information, and below is why.

AresCasino Owner

The owner’s name is the first thing on this website that looks fishy. If you can pay attention, the devil is in the details. Refuse the urge to trust this casino because its website parades all sorts of lies. 

For instance, no company goes by the name – ‘Arescasino of De Steeg Willemstad 45.’

AresCasino muddles this information with other useless details, thus hiding its deceit in plain sight. We know for one that the Mad Entritanment DS DV company owns and controls AresCasino’s actions.  

The question is why AresCasino and its sister sites do not identify with Mad Entritanment DS DV. It may be because it will make their intentions quite clear to players. The company’s name appears in many scam activities on the internet. 

One Google search can destroy the whole operation. You must be wise with your actions now and not fall for AresCasino’s cheap tricks.

AresCasino’s Licensing Information

Licensing is one of the essential qualities that a gambling site has to possess. But then, it should not just be any licence, but one from a reputable authority, including:

  1. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).
  2. Malta Gaming Authority. (MGA).
  3. Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA).

Most importantly, UK players should only be interested in casinos with a UKGC licence. These authorities exist to keep these platforms in check by curating safety policies, including KYC and AML regulations. 

AresCasino operates on a fake licence that screams red flags all day. Without attachment to a control organisation, this casino can exploit players in questionable ways without repercussions. 

You can not tell or report AresCasino’s actions to anyone, so it is best to stay away. Stick to the basics—find a UKGC casino that suits your taste and play there instead.

Are AresCasino Bonuses Just for Show?

For one, AresCasino could randomly mail you up with some promised benefits. As sweet as these offers appear, they are primarily an entrapment bidding worse tidings. The welcome bonus on this site is worth 1100% of your first seven deposits.

Find the breakdown of this signup package, including free spins (FS)  below:

  1. 400% of your 1st deposit up to €2000 + 100 FS.
  2. 200 of your 2nd deposit up to €500 + 100 FS.
  3. 100% of your 3rd deposit up to €500 + 100 FS. 
  4. 100% of your 4th deposit up to €500 + 100 FS.
  5. 100% of your 5th deposit up to €500 + 100 FS.
  6. 100% of your 6th deposit up to €500.
  7. 100% of your 7th deposit up to €500.

The main problem here is getting these bonuses for real. You may register and deposit, but the casino may refuse to award you your rightful bonuses. Now, if the casino does reward you, we have it on good authority that you will win nothing using them.

So, the answer to our topic question is yes. These offers exist mainly to boost the site’s image through unsolicited PR. The problem begins when you welcome such advances. You risk losing your money and exposing your info to infiltrations. 

The situation is all the same with the following AresCasino sister sites:

  1. Spinland Casino.
  2. Winner Casino.
  3. Spicy Jackpots.
  4. Golden Lion.

AresCasino Games – Rigged or Not?

It is a question of whether you are ready to risk your valuables to find out. But we know one thing for sure – the AresCasino games are not what they seem to be. These games rarely pay out, which is evidence of rigging. 

AresCasino offers players multiple gaming choices, including slots, table games, and live dealer conquest. Usually, it takes real expertise to determine what is what, but it is different for Ares. 

But then, the AresCasino operator is not all that smart. It was evident that the casino games were everything but original. Their gameplay could be better, and the site’s slowness does not help matters.

 And yes, the casino has rigged all of its games. No matter how much you play or what you play with, you are barely getting your money’s worth. So, your deposits and ambitions are dead on arrival. 

You might want to look up alternative UKGC choices because  AresCasino is a no-no. 

Depositing Funds on AresCasino

AresCasino wants you to commit. So, they process your deposits faster than decent casinos. This allowance has no bearing on AresCasino’s intentions. They are still after your money. 

Once you commit and complete that deposit transaction, you are knee-deep in the whole mess, and it will be difficult to emerge unscathed. There will be no support system to fall on and no authority to report to.

We will reiterate that the bonuses on AresCasino are a sham, and the games favour the operator. So, do not bother depositing at this casino for any reason. Also, remember that AresCasino does not use any encryption technology.

Your payment details will be open to third parties, leaks, and hacks. The casino might even decide to sell them for the right amount. Any decision that involves depositing on this gambling site will only put you in trouble. 

Stay away from the following casinos as well:

  1. DoctorSpins Casino.
  2. OceanBreeze Casino.
  3. GalaxySpins
  4. Superb Casino.

Below are more reasons why depositing on AresCasino is the worst step.

Are Withdrawals Even Possible?

Yes, you can complete deposits quite quickly, but withdrawals are more of a struggle on the site. From players’ reviews on Trustpilot, we could not find anyone admitting to being able to withdraw funds.

On the other hand, the 1-rating complaints primarily involved withdrawals. The casino is old enough to withhold payouts by requesting unnecessary documentation after asking for several days for confirmation. 

If you then process afterwards, AresCasino will delay for up to 21 days before cancelling. When you reach out via email to their support persons, the feedback will be that you retry. The plan is to frustrate you enough to give up, after which the casino will recuperate whatever you have in your gaming account. 

No Responses to Complaints

There is no reason why anyone looking to steal from you would want to chat with you about it. The email channel is a burst because they evade once the casino catches a sniff of withdrawal complaints. 

The live chat agents are rude, insensitive, and ignorant of online gambling. The helpline is just as useless as the others. Now, reflect profoundly and decide whether registering on this site is your best option. If not, consider UKGC casinos. 

Why Choose UKGC Casinos?

We have been hammering the idea of UKGC casinos up until this point in this review – the reasons being that:

  1. UKGC casinos are reliable, and they answer to reputable authorities.
  2. They guarantee your safety and secure your information. 
  3. Withdrawals are seamless and do not take too long.
  4. Games are immersive, and the live titles are the best.
  5. Support service operatives are courteous and knowledgeable.

AresCasino Sister Sites

If you fancy a change of scenery, you can look out for casino sister sites. Below, find out about the woes that AresCasino’s sister sites cause.  


This casino is like other Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos that identify with a different owner on their website. For BigWins Casino, it is BigWins LTD. For obvious reasons, the idea is to keep Mad Entritanment DS DV from the spotlight.

BigWins Casino posing with a fake licence makes it a flight risk for UK players. A casino that answers to no authority can make decisions off the top of its head as it pleases. Usually, these decisions are not to the players’ advantage. 

For one, the casino chooses to close off all withdrawal transactions for no reason at all. BigWins ensures the delay lasts forever until they clear out players’ balance. The incentive to get you to register on BigWins would be its bonuses.

But since you can win next to nothing with these offers, it is fair to assume BigWins bonuses are useless. And why can you not win on the casino’s games? It’s because BigWins has rigged them, thus limiting your winning chances to almost zero. 

Cherry Fiesta

Players who fall for Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos‘ nonsensical approaches look uninformed because you can quickly identify that they are scams from a mile away.

A casino platform parading a fake owner and licence is a disaster waiting to happen. Cherry Fiesta presenting a permit from the General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes is a desperate attempt to stand out. 

But once you know that this authority only operates in Mexico, you will realise how pathetic the platform operator is. This casino loves using bonuses as bargaining chips in its incessant spam emails. 

The 950% bonus up to €6000 spreads over Cherry Fiesta newbies’ first five deposits. They also have the opportunity to claim 200 wholesome FS on their first top-up. But guess what? This stage right here is when things start to go wrong. 

Be aware that Cherry Fiesta’s games do not work as they should, which is probably unfair. Likewise, there is a chance you are not getting a dime off playing with bonuses and real-money deposits—there is no one to complain to, either. Do not say we did not warn you.

4 Crowns Casino

Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos are unique in their ways. But 4 Crowns Casino is a copy of one of its sister sites. The site has no original ideas, from its games to payment methods, except bonuses. 

This site has bonuses for you across your first seven deposits. Unfortunately, these bonuses are just for show, and players rarely get their money’s worth. 

The operator has configured its games to make it harder for players to win. Eventually, you will squander the bonuses without making a withdrawable profit from them. The same applies to your real money deposits.

It may have been too late when you realised your status quo. You now have to cut your losses and split—except that you are getting none of your deposit back. 4CrownsCasino conveniently goes on to rip you off with no repercussions.

Gorilla Wins 

This casino has an abysmal taste for thematic displays. The horridness does not end with its UI but extends to other aspects of GorillaWins. For example, this site’s licensing and ownership information is a brain-dead lie.

Gorilla Wins LTD can not own GorillaWins because the casino is under the control of Mad Entritanment DS DV. But one can understand why GorillaWins will not link itself to the latter. All of Mad Entritanment DS DV claim a Master Licence, which does not exist.

The incentive that often makes players reconsider playing on this site is its 5-tier bonus. We are here to tell you that these bonuses are not worthwhile. Before you end up with nothing, know that you cannot withdraw any winnings you make on GorillaWins. 

The games on this gambling site are rigged to produce fewer wins and lower amounts in retrospect. When you try to withdraw, GorillaWins will hit you with the €100 withdrawal limit. If you manage to pass, you will have to wait endlessly for the casino’s approval—which will never come. 

Golden Genie

Golden Genie Casino is the opposite of what its name depicts. Mad Entritanment DS DV created this devious masterpiece alongside its other sister sites. If you are looking to blow away all your money, then go ahead and register on Golden Genie. 

This casino’s bonuses do not boost your chances since its games are unfair and rarely yield winnings. What is the point if you can not play with bonuses to increase your chances?

Regress, Golden Genie allows new players a maximum bonus of €2000 spread across their first five deposits. This 950% bonus comes with 175 free spins. This ruthless gambling site accepts deposits without fuss but never responds to withdrawal requests. 

Instead, the casino will provide several excuses for requesting more time to process requests. Eventually, you will get fed up with the entire situation because the casino’s support will not be forthcoming, and there is no external authority to report to. 

Lucky Charms

Try not to feel so lucky that you would register on Lucky Charms. You would be testing your fate for no reason at all. A casino without an operational licence or a truthfully declared owner can run players through without remorse. 

When you decide to play on such a platform, you are selling off your rights for safety. You will be claiming bonuses that are worth nothing in the long run. Nothing you do at this casino with bonuses or real-money deposits will be worth anything.

The games on LuckyCharms have no fairness certificate. They do not play properly because they are copies of the originals. They also do not pay out most of the time because the casino has them rigged already.

Eventually, you will want to cut your losses and withdraw the leftover of your money. The sad news is that you cannot. LuckyCharms will delay you for as long as possible, and eventually, when you leave your account dormant, the casino will claim all your money. 

Love Casino

Love Casino is as bad as the next Mad Entritanment DS DV casino. At least the others do not try to fool punters with cheesy casino names. After you have played at LoveCasino, hate is all that will fill your heart. 

One way LoveCasino tries to reach players is by spamming their emails with promotional offers like:

  1. 400% of your first deposit up to €2000 + 100 FS.
  2. 200% of your second deposit up to €1000 + 50 FS.
  3. 150% of your third deposit up to €1000 + 25 FS.
  4. 100% of your fourth deposit up to €1000.
  5. 100% of your fifth deposit up to €1000. 

We understand that it is almost impossible to ignore such generous offers. But be aware that the games on LoveCasino have been redesigned to deny you winnings to a large extent. Even when you can win some money, you will face other problems.

LoveCasino will insist on a €100 minimum balance. Withdrawals will come with an initial 21-day wait period. Before completing this period, LoveCasino will cancel and ultimately remove your winnings. 

Magic Win Casino

If you fall for Magic Win’s trick, you will become a pawn in its scam game. Same with its other sister sites – nothing you find on their website is accurate. Magic Win has no operational licence against claiming to have one, and we know Mad Entritanment owns and operates the casino.

Players will be at an advantage once they make deposits on this website. The games favour the casinos too much, thus paying out little to no. Regardless of whatever you stake with bonus amounts or real money deposits, you will not be getting your money’s worth.

You should also be concerned about releasing your information to this entity. The site does not identify with a regulatory body, so it is under no obligation to secure your details. This casino is capable of selling your information to anyone willing to pay.

Never underestimate the qualities of a licensed casino like those under the UKGC. What happens on Magic Win stays there, and no one will help you if you fall for the site’s scam. So, it’s better not to and instead choose a UKGC casino to play on.

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