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Cherry Fiesta Casino Review

There is always something dubious to unravel with the casino lots under the arms of Mad Entritanment DS DV. This review is about showing all UK players why they must avoid Cherry Fiesta Casino.

There is much more to this casino than meets the eye, from its owner and licensing information to the quality of its games. There is a lot to unravel about the intricacies of this website, including its bonuses and payments.

You will be better off playing on UK gambling websites licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Authority (UKGC) in the UK. Check out our review for detailed insights into Cherry Fiesta Casino. 


For a casino offers new players up to €6000 in bonus money and 200 free spins, you would imagine it cares about them. Unfortunately, this generosity comes with a price for the newbies to pay and a lesson to learn afterwards. 

If you deposit a minimum of € 20 to claim any of the first five deposit bonuses, Cherry Fiesta will impose an untenable wagering requirement. At this stage, most players crash out and lose all their money. 

Players, for one, will be unable to complete the wagers due to the unfairness of Cherry Fiesta’s rigged games. If some eventually manage to fulfil the demands, they will encounter another obstacle when it is time to withdraw their winnings. 

So, what purpose does collecting any of these bonuses serve when you can play and enjoy sensible rewards on UKGC casinos? 


The actual test of any casino gambling website is the quality and quantity of its games. Cherry Fiesta has only slot games on display. Its games are primarily outdated and are mostly copies of the original software packages. 

These slot machines do not run as well as they should. Also, the casino has somehow found a way to tamper with the games’ algorithms, thus making them unfair to play. Playing these Cherry Fiesta games has no gain. 

A low-tier casino like Cherry Fiesta should be able to offer no-registration and demo modes. Unfortunately, players must register before they can play these sub-par games. These cut-corner approaches are just to ensure that they rob you blind. 

Utilising the free spins you get off the welcome package will yield next to nothing on Cherry Fiesta slots. The unfair attributes of these games, including their low RTPs and tampered nature, ensure that players almost do not get a dime for their troubles. 

So, instead of wasting away on Cherry Fiesta, opt for UKGC casinos with fair gaming practices and payout. These casinos ensure their games pass regular fairness tests in the hands of trustworthy laboratories like ITech Labs. 

Payment Methods at Cherry Fiesta

You should never trust Cherry Fiesta with your banking details or money. This low-life gambling site is out to get you for your every dime. So, it is best not to be gullible enough to register on the site and make deposits. But once you do, consider your investments gone. 

Your deposits will go through with no fuss. What comes after, anyway, can be very heartbreaking. The Cherry Fiesta operator will even award you bonuses, but once it is time for withdrawals, they will disappear. 

Cherry Fiesta will insist that you have €100 before you can withdraw. Even if you do, the site will refuse your withdrawal based on unsubmitted verification documents. If you try submitting these documents, Cherry Fiesta may refuse some based on invalidity.

If you pass that stage, your payment will linger for weeks and eventually cease. Reaching out to Cherry Fiesta through their support channels will be useless. An ‘Antony’, a support representative on this site, will try to downplay your complaints while asking for more time. 

No time will be enough because Cherry Fiesta never intended to repay your deposits or winnings. So, why jeopardise your pocket when you can play on the safe and secure UKGC gambling sites? 

For your safety, stay away from Cherry Fiesta and its sister sites, including:

  1. Galaxy Spins
  2. Ares Casino
  3. Lucky Charms
  4. Spinland Bet
  5. Ocean Breeze Casino
  6. Superb Bet
  7. 4 Crowns
  8. Doctor Spins Casino

Customer Support Services at Cherry Fiesta

Cherry Fiesta has both live chat and email support systems, which are useless. Many players on the site have complained of this casino’s representatives’ rudeness and nonchalant attitudes toward player complaints. 

Also, from many of their responses, it is clear that most support persons do not qualify for the role. Once you become vehement with your complaints and threaten to report them to the authorities, they will immediately close the chat. 

We can not stress how useless the support services on Cherry Fiesta are. If you do not want to find out the hard way, choose UKGC gambling sites. 


Cherry Fiesta says its owner and operator is the infamous Global Games Tech Ltd. This company is notorious for its scamming exploits across the various sites that it owns and operates. 

Is that enough for you to stop and rethink, or do you still need more?

A certain Lava Entertainment supposedly explores the Cherryfiiesta.com domain – whatever that means. All of these names come up in the various scandalous activities that occur on the Web. 

The decision is in your court now. Choose wisely between the dubious Cherry Fiesta character or the superior UKGC casinos. 


Cherry Fiesta quite clearly insults our and your intelligence with the whole General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes permit number charade. It is clear as a summer day that this licensing information is a fluke. 

Cherry Fiesta has no relation with this Mexican gambling authority. Even if it does, the site has no business providing gambling services to players in the UK.  For your protection, you will fare best at UKGC casinos in the UK.

Cherry Fiesta Casino Sister Sites

We will be taking a brief look at the Cherry Fiesta Casino sister sites in the subsections below. Stay tuned.

Gorilla Wins

This casino claims to be a UK gambling website yet possesses no viable licence for operation in the region. Its assertion that it has a Master Licence from CEG is a lie from the pits of hell. 

The casino follows in its peers’ footsteps, presenting false ownership information and deadbeat functions. Gorilla Wins cupped a few of the top games in the industry and rigged them hard enough not to pay out wins.

If you are lucky enough to play and win some, the withdrawal request phase will end the road.  Be aware that this site’s payment methods and properties are all fallacious. However, you can make transfers for deposits. 

Using the support channels on this site is useless because the representatives lack industry knowledge. They also give you various excuses until they close the chat or block you from reaching them. 

In short, if you do not want your money gone in the blink of an eye, play at the UKGC casinos. 

Big Wins

You should already be familiar with the schemes or Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos. These casinos, including BigWins, exist to reap where they have not sowed. They spam people’s emails randomly with promotional materials you can not ignore. 

For instance, BigWins offers a 1000% match bonus over players’ first six bonuses. The maximum bonus amount is €5000; the benefits come with 500 free spins. This is hard to ignore.

If you are gullible enough, the casino will trick you into depositing cash. The operator will even play you into depositing more under the guise of you matching the €100 withdrawal limit. It will be too late to realise you will never receive your funds or winnings back.

Nevertheless, it is not too late to choose UKGC casinos for immersive gaming experiences in the UK.

Spicy Jackpots Casino

One of our list’s most awful sister sites is Spicy Jackpots Casino. For one, this site does a messy job convincing players that it is legit. They messed up things by saying their licence is from ‘Curaco’ and not ‘Curaçao’. This mistake is also shared with some other Mad Entritanment casinos.

Onto the site’s bonuses – but first, it is no news that you must deposit before you claim them. At this point, we want to scream on the rooftops that Spicy Jackpots is a scam. Once they have your money, they are never letting go.

Trying to claim the €5000 package is futile. This bonus money, along with the 500 free spins, will barely get you anything on Spicy Jackpots’ rigged games. Even if it does, your last bus stop will be the withdrawal stage. 

Spicy Jackpots makes sure to cook up several excuses, from a 7-21 waiting period to asking for verification documents. After a long delay lasting weeks, the casino will eventually cancel your withdrawal. 

They will make sure to botch all communications to reach them to discuss these developments. Even if you were, they will only come up with more excuses. UKGC casinos provide safety and security for you and your funds – one of the many things Spicy Jackpots and its sister sites cannot do. 

Golden Lion

This casino’s site lacks reliable ownership and licensing information, which is early evidence of a scam platform. Golden Lion copies all of its information from another of its sister sites as if that was not enough.

Golden Lion claims an association with the General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes in Mexico. Thus, it administers gambling services in the UK—hence why you should stick to UKGC sites.

The games on this site, including the slots, tabletop, and live dealer games, are bad copies of what used to be the original software. Technically, the site has no affiliation with a top game provider. They also rig their games against players.

The site’s €6000 welcome package plus 175 spins over five deposits only exists for PR purposes. Do not be a victim of fraud by signing up on Golden Lion. Instead, take your chance with casinos owning a UKGC licence. 

Winner Casino

Winner Casino is a dubious character in the gambling industry. Players who fall for its gimmicks lose all of their money and information. Since this casino is not affiliated with a trustworthy gambling authority, it has no obligation to serve you well.

Winner Casino gets scot-free if things go awry because no one can trace its source. But we know for sure that it is a scam website. Do not fall for the enormous bonus amounts. It is all quantity without quality.

Once you fall for the bonus ruse and make a deposit, the money that used to be yours becomes Winner’s. You cannot claim winnings through withdrawals, even when you wager on games and wins.

The casino will delay your payouts by claiming you must submit verification documents or wait seven to twenty-one days. Eventually, Winner Casino will cancel your transaction and become unreachable via their support channels.

Do not fall victim to this shameful scam by registering there. Choose safety by choosing UKGC-licensed websites today.

Golden Genie Casino

Golden Genie Casino promises to reward players quite bountifully if they join its platform. But the question is, to what end? Many innocent punters have fallen victim to this casino and its peers for reasons related to bonuses. 

You will be in pole position to receive five welcome bonuses over your first five deposits. All you have to do is deposit at least £20, and you are set. The entire 5 offers sum up to 400% of your deposits up to £6000 + 225 FS. The individual rewards are as follows:

  1. First top-up: 400% match up to £2000 + 100 FS.
  2. Second top-up: 200% match up to £1000 + 100 FS.
  3. Third top-up: 150% match up to £1000 + 25 FS.
  4. Fourth top-up: 100% match up to £1000.
  5. Fifth top-up: 100% match up to £1000.

You will barely have any issue topping up your gaming wallet. The problem begins when you play casino games and win. The gaming titles on this gambling website include slots, tabletop games, and live casino titles. 

So, when you fulfil the wager demands on the bonuses above, it is only right that you withdraw your winnings. Unfortunately, Golden Genie Casino has other plans. 

This casino, which has no owner or licence, will prolong your withdrawal and eventually dismiss it. Whether you complain through email at [email protected] or live chat, you will not receive your payout.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Choose UKGC casinos to gamble on in the UK. 

Magic Win Casino

Magic Win’s poor rating results from its downtrodden quality in almost all departments. What have the players not complained about yet? There is a glaring flaw in Magic Win’s whole design—website functionality. 

There is nowhere you press on Magic Win that would not lead to another platform entirely. We could not confirm any of the things the operator says it possesses. The first one would be its licensing and creator information,

Magic Win said nothing about its owner or licence but went about its casino game. Without a licence, there will be no need for fairness tests. Without fairness tests, all the games will lose their reliability and become a liability. 

Regarding bonuses, we have seen better offers other than 400% of your first deposit with 100 FS. There are few channels for the support service operations on this site. The first is the message box, and the other is an email we can not decipher. 

Once you make deposits, there is a massive chance of the casino removing your deposit straight from your wallet. If the money remains, you will never be able to withdraw it. The support service channels are a dead end for reporting issues. Choose a UKGC casino to play on today.

Love Casino

There is nothing to love or desire about this gambling site. It is a colossal bore, from its website design to other components. As if that was not bad enough, Love Casino decided to add con-artist to its many bad qualities.

The casino claims to operate under a Master Licence from ‘Curaco.’ It is quite evident that Mad Entritanment DS DV is running scams with this website. No wonder the casino is offering a huge signup deposit package.

Gullible punters will find the 950% bonus attractive, especially when it goes up to €6000 with 175 FS. Love Casino is not necessarily showing love to you. The operator only wants you to come and deposit so it can steal from you.

The trap caught several players, especially in the UK, and we can feel their pain through their comments on Trustpilot. Some of these players claim to have lost their money immediately after deposit. 

Some others made it to the finish line but could not withdraw their winnings. There were shouts of the casino messing with its games to prevent players from winning. UK players must avoid Love Casino and choose UKGC casinos to play on instead.

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