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  • LottoGo is ideal to enter lotteries
  • Great side games and attractions
  • Over 1800 games
  • Sleek and modern user friendly website
  • Lack of promotions 
  • Website feels a bit bland
  • Limited banking options

LottoGo Review

Intro About LottoGo

LottoGo is a great looking platform where users can place bets on the outcomes of many popular lotteries worldwide. It was rebranded as recently as in 2018 changing from the World Lottery Club, which originally allowed players to place bets on many European lotteries. Annexio Limited, with its offices located in the Isle of Man and also in London, operates the LottoGo brand and website. The company holds very good licenses from the UK’s and Isle of Man’s gambling authorities. The Irish National Excise License Office is also involved. LottoGo mirrors that very traditional lottery gameplay, and it’s offering its players the chance to win prizes by matching those from the lottery tickets. The platform guarantees very good top prize payouts giving players a great time while playing lotteries. LottoGo functions pretty much like normal lottery betting sites where users select their own unique number combinations within the available range of their chosen lotteries. Winners will receive all prizes, and that’s including big jackpots thanks to a great insurance model.

Pros And Cons


  • LottoGo is ideal to enter lotteries
  • Great side games and attractions
  • Over 1800 games
  • Sleek and modern user friendly website


  • Lack of promotions 
  • Website feels a bit bland 
  • Limited banking options

Games at LottoGo

LottoGo offers a lot more than normal lottery betting! As a growing and very contemporary gaming platform, LottoGo boasts a very good UK online casino. There is also an arcade with over 1,800 instant win games. They are from the most renowned industry leaders. Players have the great opportunity to win up to £5 million on playing Keno. The draws are taking place every few minutes. Whether you enjoy yourself playing slots games, scratchcards, or table games, perhaps bingo or keno or if you just prefer a good mix of everything well then LottoGo has it all for you! The platform provides you with a very good selection of nice games to play including 18 lottery games. They offer players various great jackpots to wager on. While there are also very popular games like Euromillions and the US Powerball are available there you’ll also find very many well known options and seasonal specials like El Gordo for the great Christmas draw. LottoGo also presents a very good welcoming package for players interested in jackpots. That’s by offering syndicate shares, for Euromillions and Eurojackpot games. 

Interactive Games, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette And Keno

You’ll get to enjoy a very good variety of games at LottoGo. With a very good assortment of scratch cards and other games offering great prizes LottoGo ensures there’s always something to always keep you entertained. Dive into their great collection of virtual scratch cards that mimic the real experience. Simply click on each of the cards to reveal matching symbols. That can give you a great chance to win nice prizes ranging depending on the game that you choose. While games with rewards may have longer odds there are nice surprises like Daily Pocket Filler with a very good top prize which offers better odds and lower priced tickets. New users receive free spins, on a selected game upon joining the site. Additionally, there are many other gaming options to keep everyone happy and content. Similar to the virtual slot games all these great options offer demos. If you are unfamiliar, with a game or prefer to test it out you have the option to try the demo first.

Welcome Bonuses And Regular Promotions

If you’re, in search of promotions and bonuses from LottoGo you’ve come to the place. LottoGo offers perks for members, such as discounted bets, free syndicate lines and additional bonuses when you sign up. It’s a way to explore the services they offer. Within their accounts LottoGo customers have access to a Promotions section that is regularly updated with various top value deals and bonuses. At LottoGo the primary casino promotions include Free Spins, Free Scratchcards and Bonus Cash offers. These bonus promotions can be claimed with or without any deposit requirements. In addition to these promos LottoGo members can also participate in network promotions and online slots tournaments, They are all from leading gaming providers so you’ll have big chances to win cash prizes.

LottoGo Website

LottoGo has made a comeback with a fresher look that’s now easier to navigate than ever it was before. While World Lottery Club boasted an interface LottoGo maintains that simplicity while improving the design. The changes may be subtle. They give LottoGo a sleeker and much more appealing appearance. Navigation on the site remains very user friendly as always ensuring that even new members can easily find their way, without confusion. The top navigation bar allows you to easily access all the sections of the site with one click. Similarly signing up, for an account and, purchasing tickets is conveniently located without a lot of searching required. Like the World Lottery Club LottoGo also includes links, at the bottom of its webpage. You’ll have to scroll down to locate the FAQs LottoGos contact details, as helpful articles explaining the rules and odds of each lottery game. Using LottoGo is straightforward and very user friendly. For newcomers, to lotteries this website is a place to start. It’s very welcoming and performs well on any web browser.

Depositing And Withdrawing

LottoGo accepts deposits using payment methods, such, as credit or debit cards and Skrill. Credit and debit card options are pretty standard across lottery platforms while having a very safe wallet like Skrill serves as a very convenient alternative. Withdrawing funds from your LottoGo account to your bank account is a process. Simply log in to your player account navigate to View My Account, Account Details and select Withdraw. Choose the desired amount for withdrawal. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the transaction. The minimum withdrawal amount on LottoGo is £10; if you need to withdraw than this limit you can make a request with LottoGo for review with a very small additional fee involved. It’s advisable to avoid withdrawing amounts below £10 due to charges. Withdrawals exceeding £10 are not subject to any fees on LottoGo. When it comes to claiming winnings on LottoGo all prize amounts from £10 up to millions are directly credited into your account without requiring you to claim them in person at any location. That’s a departure from some lottery services that may necessitate such visits.

Customer Support

LottoGo appears dedicated to enhancing its customer service compared with its iteration, as World Lottery Club, which had then stellar support services. You had to sift through FAQs to locate information. Following the rebranding to LottoGo the company has expanded its FAQ section to cover questions with some answers providing more useful details. Notably LottoGo now offers chat assistance although their support team is only available, from Monday to Friday. While it falls short of 24/7 support it represents a step. In case you require assistance outside office hours you can still reach out to LottoGos team through the chat window or email. LottoGo aims for a response time of 1 working day or less. Since the rebranding LottoGo has shown increased responsiveness towards user feedback and reviews platforms. Many users receive a response within days of posting their comments indicating progress.

LottoGo Sister Sites

LottoGo has undergone a rebranding, changing from World Lottery Club. This time it seems to have done a very good job in creating a great platform for playing the lottery. It has retained all the good features from its predecessor. That includes the game selections and very strong security measures. There are other nice improvements, including a much better range of scratch cards games and virtual games. There are great efforts to improve customer service. The transition from World Lottery Club to LottoGo is a very big step forward. In long years LottoGo has evolved its format greatly beyond a normal lottery site. Now it also includes, an online casino with very good promotions. With these transformations unfolding all together there is a great potential for sites that are like LottoGo to emerge in the very near future. For those of you who are seeking out LottoGo sister sites, we recommend checking our options here and also within the LottoGo network. Here are some alternative suggestions, for sister sites. They offer a very great iGaming experience that’s pretty similar to what you’ve enjoyed at LottoGo. Then without any more delay below you’ll find our list of recommended alternative LottoGo sister sites. Check them out!


Lottoland is a great website, for betting on lotteries. Players can place their bets on outcomes of many popular lottery draws. They ensure guaranteed payouts and they support popular lotteries with a very good variety of games and bonuses. Unlike normal lottery platforms Lottoland operates through betting allowing users to bet on the actual numbers drawn in the lottery rather than them purchasing tickets. While you won’t be directly participating in the draw the process is really quite similar. You select numbers from the pool. You have the flexibility to place bets based on your budget. If you win Lottoland will match your winnings as if you had played the lottery yourself including any great jackpot prizes. Additionally, this unique approach enables Lottoland to provide players, with features that are not typically found in other lottery services. With a selection of games Lottoland stands out among other lottery agents in terms of game options and services offered. Lottoland currently has an array of 35 single play lottery games ranging from well known options such, as US Powerball, Mega Millions and Euromillions to some more niche selections. 


Lottomart provides players with the opportunity to place bets, on lottery results. That makes it a lottery betting site that’s similar to many of the other top online lottery platforms. It holds licenses from the gaming authorities of Gibraltar and Great Britain. That indicates that they are following a set of strict regulations. While based in Gibraltar Lottomart primarily serves customers in the UK offering support for UK lotteries as well as a very good assortment of international ones too. Getting started involves creating a player account. You must provide information, like your name, birth date and also your address. Once registered you can participate in any of the lotteries of your choice. New players can select from two bonuses. One is offering a free lottery bet ticket after the purchase. The other is providing 10 free scratch cards upon purchasing the first scratcher. Overall users will really find the site truly impressive! The website design aligns, with the apps theme boasting a very good appearance that is visually very appealing. It offers navigation with a user hamburger menu positioned conveniently in the top left corner of the screen. Lottomart, which encourages users to utilize its app over the website excels in both its looks and also its functionality.

Health Lottery

It’s not something you come across every day; the chance to try your luck in a lottery while also contributing to society. That’s what sets Health Lottery apart. They offer a game where a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting health related causes, which’s both intriguing and commendable. Unlike lotteries Health Lottery comprises local UK lottery societies, each licensed by the Gambling Commission and united in their mission to back health related initiatives. By rotating participation in draws, among these societies they ensure that every region they represent benefits equitably from the funds raised. Since the very beginning in 2011, Health Lottery has raised many millions for health related issues. Their sole lottery game costs £1 per entry. Boasts a guaranteed jackpot of £25,000 or up to 10% of ticket sales. Additionally, each entry automatically enters players into a raffle with a prize of £250,000. Twenty pence from every pound spent on their platform is allocated towards health causes. Apart, from their lottery offering Health Lottery also features instant win games—mini video games where players can win real cash prizes. Each game comes with its theme, objective and range of cash rewards. 

Postcode Lottery

The Postcode Lottery, is a very well known name, in charity lotteries worldwide. This lottery conducts daily draws throughout the week including weekends along with a draw at the end of each month. Participating in the Postcode Lottery is straightforward. Simply register your home code on their website. There’s a subscription fee of £10 paid in advance. This subscription provides you with a ticket number. It is associated with your code. It is automatically entering you into all draws for that month. After registration all you have to do is sit and await. Then you’ll get the draw results to see if you are among the winners. The daily draws include all registered postcodes, for that day and winners are chosen, through a randomization process overseen by, a consultant to ensure fairness. In contrast for the draw an entire postcode is selected of individual tickets and any winning tickets, within that postcode share the prize winnings. What makes it even better is that a significant portion of the earnings goes towards causes making it a compelling option to participate in this lottery.

National Lottery

If you’re looking to check out the National Lottery draw but prefer not to head out to buy a ticket, in person the National Lottery website provides an alternative. Overall it’s a valid option. Individuals residing in the UK can easily use the site to upgrade their lottery playing experience. You can take part in the National Lottery online by first creating an account. You must confirm your age. And have a UK bank account. Through their Direct Debit scheme you can purchase UK National Lottery tickets on their site. Another choice is to download the UK National Lottery app. That allows access to all games, from your device regardless of your location. Use the app for paper tickets bought in stores and see if they’re winning ones. There are also win games that you can play exclusively on the UK National Lottery app. Additionally, individuals who participate in the UK National Lottery through the app will receive a notification if they win. Once you have set up your UK National Lottery account you can purchase tickets for Draw Based Games.

In summary 

LottoGo has made improvements over its iteration as World Lottery Club. If you are open to betting on lottery results giving it a try could be worthwhile. The rebranding of LottoGo has introduced changes to the platform formerly known as World Lottery Club, including enhancements in customer support and game variety among others. Overall LottoGo stands as a website, with strong points. You have transactions, trustworthy licensing credentials, an easy, to use interface and a good variety of games. Take a look, at LottoGo.

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