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GalaxySpins Casino Review 

GalaxySpins have only been around for a year, generating many concerns with players within and outside of the UK. The UK casino has no affiliation with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

We recommend that players stick with casinos with a UKGC licence and avoid GalaxySpins and its sister sites. 

GalaxySpins has too many questionable properties. In this article, we will discuss GalaxySpins’ undesirable qualities, including those of its sister sites. 

Read on to know more. 

GalaxySpins’ Owner

The casino tries to play cheap tricks on players to convince them to register on its site. One trick is convincing them that its owners are renowned and respectable. It is quite the opposite because WinBet NV has none of these qualities. 

Is it WinBet NV or WinBet LTD? This is a question we should all ask GalaxySpins. In its boring attempt to woo us, the operator completely lost us. Having false information about your owner on your website is a bad omen for the future. 

It is not a secret that GalaxySpins is one of the many Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos. But then, none of the gambling platforms under the company’s control has its name on their website. Why is that?

Mad Entritanment DS DV is a famous company for the wrong reasons. Many review sites describe its casinos as rogue and out there to rip players off. It is best to stay away from GalaxySpins and others, including:

  1. OceanBreeze Casino.
  2. Spicy Jackpots.
  3. GorillaWins.
  4. Winner Casino.

Choose UKGC casinos for safety and information security. The information on these sites is entirely accurate, too. 

Should GalaxySpins Operate in the United Kingdom?

There is almost no way to stop these casinos, like GalaxySpins, from entering the UK gambling market. The only differing quality that could help players identify and refute these sites would be their licensing information. 

For instance, GalaxySpins says it has a Master Licence from Nestos 18, Chrisoupoli GR. However, the casino’s waffling is unfounded because the licence’s source is a street address. 

Deception plays a massive part in GalaxySpin’s success. The operator sets out to convince players that their platform is safe while it is otherwise. You are handing over your information to the casino, and it can use it against you by signing up on GorillaWins. 

Since the casino does not have a licence from a reputable authority that controls its actions, it can do whatever it wants. GorillaWins may decide to stop your payments without reason. The casino may even sell your information to third parties.

Are GalaxySpins’ Bonuses Useful?

Imagine receiving several junk emails telling you to come register while promising bonuses. Yes, that is what GalaxySpins Casino does. They somehow find out your email and keep disturbing you until you commit.

GalaxySpins’s website offers bonuses to new players, including bonus money and free spins (FS). They are in five tiers, spread across your first five deposits. The individual offers include:

  1. 400% of your 1st top-up up to €2000 + 100 FS.
  2. 200% of your 2nd top-up up to €1000 + 100 FS.
  3. 200% of your 3rd top-up up to €500 + 100 FS.
  4. 100% of your 4th top-up up to €500 + 100 FS.
  5. 50% of your 5th top-up up to €500 + 50 FS.
  6. 50% of your 6th top-up up to €500 + 50 FS.

However, we are sorry to ruin your high hopes for this site. Many players have complained of eventually registering and depositing but never receiving these bonuses. So, these offers are just for advertisement purposes. 

Once you fall victim to the figures, there is no way back.

GalaxySpins’ Games – Rigged or Not?

We can ascertain that the games on GalaxySpins are not the originals from trustworthy suppliers like Microgaming and Pragmatic Play. These gaming titles are mere copies of the original gaming software packages. 

To maximise their edge, the casino completely rigs these games to almost not pay out with bonuses and real money bets. You can foretell this apparent scam since the casino does not have a licence and its games like fairness test certifications. 

No matter what device or browser you use, the GalaxySpins website slows your actions down. The site’s lack of optimisation is apparent, thus nullifying GalaxySpins as a reliable casino for immersive gaming experiences.

Players who manage to win on GalaxySpins games encounter a worse fate, which we will discuss later. The Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage on this casino website is very much unfair anyway. Find out more below.  

Depositing Funds on GalaxySpins Casino

The number one lie GalaxySpins tells its players is that it uses high-level encryption technology to keep their information safe. Best believe that your transaction details can not be in any more danger than they will be in GalaxySpins Casino.

The casino answers to no authorities and is thus under no obligation to do as it says. The Mad Entritanment DS DV cohorts are fond of selling players’ deets to the highest bidder. So, apart from the casino stealing your deposits, it can also endanger the source. 

GalaxySpins allows for speedy deposits before proceeding to spike your finances. However, you can hardly claim bonuses with the deposits. Even if you do, these offers are useless because they are for show. 

Playing games with the deposits seems like a waste of time, too. The worst is yet to come, by the way. Keep reading.

Why Withdrawals Do Not Work

GalaxySpins, like its sister sites, does not intend to release any amount that has gotten to their site back to you. Once your deposits are in, you might as well wrap it up and call it a day. It is the hope that hurts.

GalaxySpins’s first excuse is that you must have €100 or more in your gaming account. Depositing more money to make up the balance will only finance the scam more. It would be best to just cut losses at this stage.

The deep pockets may wake up one day and find that the casino has taken all their money. If you request a withdrawal, the casino will often delay you for up to 21 days, then cancel. The operator then requests that you reapply.

The reapplication will be an endless cascade. Eventually, GalaxySpins will move all your money under the guise that your account is dormant. 

Once again, this casino is a scam, people. Stay clear. 

Contacting Support Services to No Avail 

GalaxySpins says you can reach out via live chat, email, and phone calls. Nevertheless, the complaints here are that the support representatives are mostly ill-informed, rude, insensitive, and utterly useless in the grand scheme of things.

So, do not bother with reaching out on issues because you will either have the chat closed or your email added to spam. Stay away altogether instead. Other Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos to avoid include:

  1. DoctorSpins Casino.
  2. Superb Casino.
  3. Spinland Casino.
  4. BigWins.

Choose UKGC Casinos

The information in this review should be enough to convince you to play only on UKGC websites in the UK. The following are the benefits of doing so:

  1. Clear ownership and accurate licensing info.
  2. Highly functional desktop and mobile website.
  3. Casino games fairness certifications.
  4. Decent bonuses for gaming.
  5. Safe and secure fiat transactions.
  6. Helpful support persons.

GalaxySpins Casino Sister Sites

Sister sites are replicas of a particular casino website. As you read on, you will learn about GalaxySpins’ sister websites. 

Cherry Fiesta

At least this casino tries to get creative with its lies. Instead of directly downloading the copy passed down by sister sites, Cherry Fiesta Casino decided on a new way of passing the info. The lies did not end, but the uniqueness is refreshing. 

Global Games Tech LTD is a notorious company known for its heinous acts against gamblers. So, it was no surprise that Cherry Fiesta decided to go with it—the whole thing fits like a sock. We consider the Explorer information pure fallacy anyway. 

Just know that if you somehow go for the bonuses, you will not have something to stay for. Only naive players will fall for the newbies’ package. Remember that Cherry Fiesta had rigged its games. Also, know that the casino does not pay winnings. 

It will be best to stick with UKGC casinos that offer clear terms and policies, incredible games, sumptuous bonuses, and safe payments.

Golden Lion

There is nothing right with all the sections in this casino. First, Golden Lion copied GoldenGenie’s licensing and ownership information word for word. 

Seeing this remain on the website for months without change shows how little Golden Lion cares about appearing as a saint.

The casino is clear about its intentions, so unlike normal casinos, it never bothers with what players think. The goal is to find a slow individual to fool with bonus promises. Will you be Golden Lion’s next victim?

Know that once you commit to this casino and deposit, you cannot earn winnings or withdraw your balance. Golden Lion games are copies that have been tampered with. You have no chance against this atrocity. 

No matter how hard you complain to Golden Lion, you will never get a response. Once you are frustrated enough to quit, Golden Lion will sweep in to claim your balance—that was the plan. 


This gambling site is nothing special compared to the other 16 Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos. 4 Crowns Casino has the same UI design and gaming content. They advertise the same payment methods as the others despite only allowing bank transfers most times. 

4 Crowns Casino  decided to go with 4 Crowns Casino LTD as its owner while naming its operational licence to be from Curaçao. That licence is fake anyway. Mad Entritanment DS DV sites are rogue, and no respectable authority is getting in bed with them, and neither should you. 

4 Crowns Casino has a 7-tier bonus package for new players. The massive 1100% bonus can give you up to €5000 if you are lucky. You will usually not even get half the bonus you are due for. Let us assume you do; you will still not get value in return for withdrawal. 

This gambling site is so messed up that players are waiting for four months or more for their winnings. You will be glad that you stayed away from 4CrownsCasino. Just try.

Golden Genie

Golden Genie Casino eventually takes the fun away from gambling. This Mad Entritanment DS DV casino is not exactly a model platform for others to look up to. The casino has a fake licence and owner name on its website, which are signs of worse things to come.

We received several complaints about the ineffectiveness of Golden Genie’s first five deposit welcome packages. This casino presents unbearable terms and conditions while ensuring players get little to no winnings from playing its games.

By rigging them beforehand, Golden Genie ensures the nullification of its players’ endeavours in its games. The operator is in no way affiliated with the top game providers, as it claims. If you thought its bonus requirements were unbearable, wait for Golden Genie’s withdrawal.

If the casino pleases, it could ask players to wait up to 21 days. In between, Golden Genie could request verification documents. Eventually, the operator will cancel and ask you to retry. If you try laying complaints, they will all just fall on Golden Genie’s deaf ears. 

Magic Win Casino

Magic Win is one of the Mad Entritanment DS DV casinos that UK players must avoid. This gambling site uses a fake licence it supposedly got from Curacao.  Magic Win formulated a name for its owner rather than identifying with Mad Entritanment DS DV to look legit.

Like that of its sister sites, Magic Win’s strategy is to pester players with spam emails to register and deposit. Once you fall for their gimmicks, you are in deep soup. Due to this operator’s intentions, deposits are pretty straightforward.

Know that claiming Magic Win’s bonuses is just a waste of time. The 950% bonus of up to €6000 goes to waste because the casino has rigged games, and they will refuse to pay. Even if it does and you have more than a €100 balance to withdraw, the casino will refuse your request.

To frustrate you, Magic Win will ask for an extended review period. By the time it ends, they will have cancelled your request and cleared out your funds.


It is saddening that AresCasino is still claiming victims. Punters in the UK should know that only UKGC casinos are entirely safe for them to play on. AresCasino, for instance, has no operational licence, which is automatically a red flag.

Like its other Mad Entritanment DS DV sister sites, this casino is out to take advantage of players. The plan is to bamboozle them with bonus offers. Once they fall for these advances and register, AresCasino takes its second step.

The casino may decide whether or not to award players with half or the entire bonus amount. Regardless of whichever amount players get, they cannot earn value on top because games for wagers are rigged already.

Suppose the players do not lose all their money to the games and request withdrawals. In that case, they will encounter very long delays, after which a cancellation will follow. The expectation is that you give up and leave your account dormant, giving AresCasino a chance to cup your funds. 

Lucky Charms

An everyday word players use on Trustpilot when reviewing the Lucky Charms Casino is ‘Avoid.’ Setting eyes on the website alone is enough for some cleansing, not to mention registering there. If you know what you know now and still proceed, you have yourself to blame at the end of the day.

LuckyCharms’s website design is precisely like that of the other sister sites except for the splash of dull green. The casino contains content similar to that of the sister sites. For one, the bonuses are very much alike, but LuckyCharms extended their benevolence towards a sixth deposit offer. 

The package is worth 500% of your first five deposits up to €7000. The sixth deposit bonus comprises 200 FS. You can claim 650 FS over the first five deposits, too. However, along the line, these offers will not matter. There is no way to compete and come out on top against LuckyCharms. 

The casino has rigged games and an impossible withdrawal process. Support service representatives on this site are merely figureheads. In short, keep away from LuckyCharms Casino. 

Love Casino

This casino has a stupendously poor rating on Trustpilot, with several complaints about its games and transactions. Like any other Mad Entritanment DS DV online casino, Love Casino is complicit in seeking out players themselves.

The casino can be nagging more than persuasive with its relentless email spamming punters’ inboxes. The unfortunate matter in all these will be players having no chance to unsubscribe from these emails.

If you look closely enough, you can tell that LoveCasino is parading a fake licence. Attributing ‘Curaco’ to a mere spelling mistake is boring and redundant. Once we were clear on LoveCasino’s fake operational licence, we could easily guess what the operator could do.

LoveCasino’s ulterior motive is to engage players, make them register and deposit, and eventually steal their money as they watch on. Many players claimed to have noticed varying differences in account names for payments. 

Often, deposits will not go through, and LoveCasino will not process a refund. Withdrawals are even worse because LoveCasino does not bother to process them. Once you abandon your account and bounce, the casino will swing into action and recuperate your funds.

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